About Us

NPAC International Pte Ltd (NPAC) was established in August 1991, and we are a One Stop Solution Provider specializing in the areas of Food processing, Food Engineering and Food Packaging Materials.

Our goal and focus in the food industry is to attain the highest productivity while minimizing food wastage through creative food process engineering or through advanced packaging solutions.

Being leaders in our industry, NPAC is the first company in Singapore to introduce Oxygen Absorbers for Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP), which is now widely accepted and practiced in Singapore’s food packaging industry today. With over 25 years of experience under our belt, we are pioneers in food retort sterilization of Army Combat rations and ready to eat meals in Singapore.

Being a One Stop Solution Provider, we would cater to all your food production needs from inception, planning, design, technical innovation, installation, commissioning, and after sales support. We do not only stop there, at NPAC we strive towards the best and will continuously innovate new and effective solutions for our customers.